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"Chris and Sarah, Zero and Somebuddy . . . whether they are molding the diverse talents of children of all ages for the stage or painting their faces and entertaining them with their own hilarious talent as clowns, these two are a sight to behold.  Never have I met two such engaging people, performers, directors, playwrights, friends.  Our children and our community are blessed to have them walk among us."

- Phyllis Pierce

"Since 2004, Zero & Somebuddy have been an integral part of the Eastside Heritage Center 's Strawberry Festival in Bellevue. Each year they entertain the young and old alike with their interactive stage show, amusing balloon animals, artistic face painting, Zero's crazy sounds and Somebuddy's fabulous strawberry costume!  Photos of the duo in action at the Strawberry Festival have graced the pages of numerous publications, newspapers and websites, as they are fantastic promoters of the event.  Zero & Somebuddy have become a tradition at this historic community event and we look forward to their participation year after year!"

- Heather Trescases
Executive Director, Eastside Heritage Center

"The dynamic duo of the clown world are the big hit at our events. Loved by kids and grownups alike, the number of requests for Zero and Somebuddy grow each year. We heartily recommend them to all those who want to brighten their events and delight their attendees."

- Vegetarians of Washington, Vegfest

"Zero and Somebuddy have been an integral part of our community events for the past 5 plus years.  They have the unique ability to engage kids and adults with their fun and entertaining performances.  Whether they are marching through our events with kazoos or painting countless faces, they always bring an exciting dynamic to our events."

- Tom Monahan, PCC Natural Markets

"As a corporate entertainment agency we strive to partner with the highest quality of entertainment choices for our clients. Zero and Somebuddy more than fill this role with unprecedented enthusiasm and professionalism. …Plus they are just plain silly and fun!"

KevinTemp | Vice President
Meetings and Events

" I am a parent of a child at Juanita Elementary who loves the stage, and loves to act.  Unfortunately, until three years ago, there were few opportunities for him to express himself as an actor at his elementary school. That, however, was all before Adventure Children's Theatre burst onto the scene!  Three years ago, the Juanita Elementary PTA began to partner with Adventure Children's Theatre ("ACT") to produce an all-school musical play once a year.  Chris and Sarah, through ACT, have now directed three original plays, that they wrote and created, at Juanita Elementary, including "On the Briny Seas," "Who Dun it?" and "Under the Big Top."  

My son has acted in each of these plays, and I have participated as well, as a parent volunteer, including serving as one of the co-producers of the play this past year.  Chris and Sarah are absolutely amazing!  In one week's time, they transform a group of elementary kids ranging in age from Kindergarten to 6th grade into performers, actors, and even stars!  In one week's time, they create a dramatic work of art and an experience the children will never forget.  In addition to directing, they also create props and staging, and most of the costumes.  And they do all this while having a wonderful time, and even more importantly ensuring that the children they are serving have a wonderful time too!  

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of performing arts, they also teach the kids about responsibility to their fellow cast members, teamwork, grace under pressure, and the value of a sense of humor.  Their love and respect for their young cast members is evident throughout their work.  Through it all, their deep and abiding love of the performing arts is nothing less than contagious.  I cannot say enough good things about both my son's experience performing in ACT's plays, as well as my experience as a parent volunteer working with Chris and Sarah.  I can only hope that more schools are lucky enough to experience ACT's special brand of children's theatre.  If your school or PTA wants to include more opportunities for students to participate in the performing arts, then I highly recommend that you contact Chris and Sarah at ACT, and raise the curtain on your school's budding performers!"

- Tami Conrad

"We've been fortunate to interact with Zero and Somebuddy on a personal and business level for a couple of years. Chris and Sarah (Zero and Somebuddy) are very professional and have years of experience in theatre. At our daughters birthday party they did face painting and balloon creations and we've seen them perform at festivals and with Adventure Children's Theatre. Their comical scripts and playful music entertain any audience and their love and understanding of children can be felt as they perform and teach various ages of kids. Our son Caden (5) and our daughter Ashlyn (3) love going to their productions, our daughter Baylee (15 months) enjoys them too! She laughs and claps- even dances to their original music and stories. We've seen " On the Briny Seas" "Under the Big Top" and Zero and Somebuddy's Halloween show we love them all! The kids got to get involved in the show and were sitting at the edge of their seats either laughing or excited to see what would happen next! After each show our kids have come home imitating the characters they just saw on stage. Their imaginations and creativity all encouraged to grow and develop as a result of being part of this company and the joy and laughter it brings to others. Zero and Somebuddy are unique, fun and memorable, we refer them to anyone and everyone and look forward to seeing more of their shows in the future."

- The Cook family

"Sarah and Chris! Let's just say : Dedication, TALENT, enthusiasm, gregarious with class! They have a legacy of bringing laughter into the spotlight, when people laugh there is no need for wars...and that is serious fun!! I invited them to my children's birthday party and I was very happy! Everyone had fun! It is a must see,! Words are "empty". Invite Zero and Somebuddy,and buckle up for an unforgettable experience!"

- Anamaria Cojucaru

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